Eclipse the Angel

by Section C



Original track


Who are they to say we can't be free?
And if it works then i'll be glad for you
by the creek was where I saw us at sea
like a riptide pulling you away from me.

Bright city lights and books
will eclipse that angel
lost between avenues and streets
french lafeyette and toast
empire state to brooklyn

will eclipse will eclipse that angel


if its right girl i won't resist
watch you fly high out of sight
spread those wings and you'll soar
leave me alone find a cure

Bright city lights and books....


released June 6, 2017
vocals by John Section C
bass, drums and guitar Phil Faulkner
lead guitar Riccardo Ceniccola
piano Bill Lex Cameron



all rights reserved


Section C UK

Section C is an on going musical project that originated in the UK.

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